Designing Your Dream.
Creating Our STORY.

changing the
future together

SwitchTravel freshly started in Jan 2021, SwitchTravel is the new way to globe trot. Based in central Amman, Jordan, we are your personal travel concierge. We’ll help you with everything from finding you the right package, flight, cruise, honeymoon and any other excursions, to getting you on the flight and helping out with anything on the way. 

We live and love travel and we’re here to switch the way you travel!

discover travel
like never before!

With state-of-the-art technology, virtual reality pre-tours (yeah, you read that right) and handpicked travel packages, you’re in for a smooth and extraordinary ride. 

Ever wondered what Bali looks like? Or maybe Phuket? What about the Golden Crown Levin Iglut

Hotel in Finland? Yeah, so have we! Come along and experience it firsthand with our virtual reality tours. So that you can make your travel decision effortlessly. 

And we’re not stopping there! For the first time in Jordan, we’re offering you a seamless booking experience through WhatsApp API (Application Platform Integration). No phone calls. No emails. Just your day-to-day texting app. Simply chat with us and we’ll provide all your booking needs easily, quickly and from the comfort of wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re voyaging to discover, newlyweds on your dream honeymoon or traveling for business, our travel agents will make sure to understand your unique travel needs to make your next trip truly exceptional.